MaskCall is a mobile application that allows you to make any call for free!
MaskCall is available via WiFi or 3G/4G. We have adopted high-fidelity sound quality so that your family and friends can hear your familiar voice.
MaskCall supports calls from more than 200 countries, and is still increasing and improving. Finally, an app can make global calls.
Download MaskCall from App Store: Download
You can use it without any registration, but we recommend that you use a phone to bind your account so that your family or friends can know that you are calling their phone.
MaskCall will be completed by verifying SMS during the process of binding numbers. The access code ensures that you are the real owner of the registered mobile number.
Sometimes, due to network reasons, the delay is large, or the server cannot be correctly linked to. If the above situation occurs, you can try to close the APP and restart it again.
After the friend you invite goes online, the system will automatically increase the corresponding points for you. You can get more reward points by inviting friends.
Sometimes, due to network reasons, the delay is large, resulting in the inability to refresh your points in time. Please do not worry, the system will periodically settle and review the valid points you obtained.
It is a really free application, as long as your phone can access the Internet, you can use it for free.
Please close the VPN software of your mobile phone when using MaskCall. Otherwise, it may result in call failure or invalid points.
You can choose one to three fruits to bet at a time. After choosing the fruit, you must choose the points to bet. Click START to start.
In order to ensure that you have enough points to make calls with it, you can enter the fruit carousel game only when your points exceed 1000 points.
We will not retain any private information in your account. You can leave us a message in the product review stating that you want to delete the account. You can also click Delete to send the request to us. We will process your request as quickly as possible.

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